Guidelines to Device Management Commonly Remote Workforce

02 Mar

At the height of covid-19 about 42% of workers around the world were forced to work from home and even when things have started to going back to normal gradually, remote work is becoming normalized. Well as much as this has many advantages this deployment can end up compromising millions of devices.  It is always important to manage, monitor, and also make sure that you keep a track of the connected devices.   The below steps are crucial when you want to manage the devices that are connected to the company network. When you are the manager in charge of an IT expert it is normal for one to feel concerned, mostly your business depends on connectivity and data to operate. Device Management, this is the process in which you implement, install and then maintain all your company devices across your network.  

The challenge comes when you have to manage the connected mobile devices for the workers who spend most of their time out of the office. When workers start working from home, this became a challenge, managing the devices becomes a serious task that seems almost impossible especially because it is difficult to maintain good control over the devices that are spread out through your business network.   Well, in case you have remote workers, then device management mostly focuses on security, rather than installing and configuring the devices. Start this crucial process by conducting a security audit, assess where your business stands right now

Let your employees learn the importance of protecting the company from any data breach, through remote device connection. If you do not have a written guiding policy in place for your company, then your business will be more vulnerable to cyberattacks, including how the employees should use the personal devices and company devices on the network, and also any loss or theft of the devices and the use of personal and public networks. You need to make use of mobile Device Management Solutions, this is going to make your life easier. 

You cannot be able to control whatever your workers do from home, however, it is important that you train and educate them, make sure they are trained  on the policy that you have put in place for your company, responsibilities and how they can be able to prevent cyberattacks.   For your business to be prepared in case of a data breach it is always advisable to have detection and quick response in place to counter data breach or cyberattacks. Check out our homepage for added details.

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